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I Heart Faces Photography Challenge : Summer Fun :: Philadelphia Area Photographer

Oh, the glory days of summer… When you’re young, those summer days each have the ability to be more glorious than the next. In this shot, our five year old son was completely, literally, in his element. He lives to be at the ocean (all three of the kids do, actually.) This shot of him exploring in the waters of Martha’s Vineyard, searching for jellies, crabs, and minnows, screams summer fun to me. What about you? What does summer fun mean to you & your family? Share with me!

Photo Challenge Submission


  1. Michelle says:

    Love this, reminds me of my oldest son!

  2. I would so love to jump in that water right now. Some places may have cooled down now that fall is almost here. But not where I live. Today is exceptionally humid! Yuck!

    • Karen Cooley says:

      It’ll be hot & humid here in Philly for a while yet, so I agree – I’d love to be able to jump back in there!

  3. I can feel him getting ready for something. Great way to capture the moment. I hope it was a great summer all around.

    • Karen Cooley says:

      Thanks, Michaela. He looks about ready to pounce here, doesn’t he? I wish I could remember what he found after I pressed the shutter, but there were so many discoveries that day! Spider crabs galore, little blobby comb jellies, hundreds of minnows, and a few of the invasive green crabs. A treasure trove of nature.

  4. Kim Kravitz says:

    Oh that looks like fun!!

  5. Danyel Rogers says:


  6. I love summer! It means later nights, baseball games, Lake Tahoe and it makes me wish I could take summers off to be a child again!

    • Karen Cooley says:

      Some day, Huong, you should do just that and take your boys on a whirlwind summer adventure. How amazing would that be?

  7. Carmen says:

    Great image! I wanna be on a beach now lol

  8. Dorie Howell says:

    I love watching kids explore their world. Did he find anything good?

    • Karen Cooley says:

      While we were at that beach, the kids all found a ton of spider crabs, minnows, hermit crabs, scallops, and green crabs. Not to mention the little jellies floating about!

  9. Rachel says:

    Aww – how fun is this? Loving the goggles too!

  10. Patty says:

    That water looks so refreshing!!

    • Karen Cooley says:

      Oh, the water at that beach is fantastic. The problem is the bottom is so rocky & shell-covered… But, it’s not enough to stop our crew from checking out the sea life! A lot of fun to snorkel there, too!

  11. I miss the ocean! I need to make a day trip soon. :)

  12. Natalie says:

    Fall’s getting ready to be in full swing around here, but I love hanging out on the boat and getting some sun. Swimming has to be my favorite part of the whole summer though!

  13. Beautiful!
    Summer has meant a time to refresh and recharge before a busy fall! :)

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