Childhood, magic and photography

I remember my little sister in a hot pink romper, toddling around our front yard.  She was not even two at the time and I was chasing after her, precious camera in hand.  She wasn’t an easy subject for me, but I was about 10 years old and determined.  Occasionally, I could get her to stop and look at me.  Most of the time, though, it was shots like this:

Little Sis, Circa 1980s

The old Kodak Instamatic was everything to me back then – a world of possibilities within one roll of film.  I captured as much as I could and looked forward to seeing the results in print after each roll was done.  My parents indulged me and willingly sat as my subjects.  Sometimes with the neighbor’s puppy, occasionally with our orange tabby (seen rolling in the grass, top right.)

The beginning of my portrait photography

I look back on my childhood, filled with the magic of that simple camera, and can’t help but be grateful.  It was my start – it gave me my passion.  And now here I am, 30+ years later, still embracing cameras and their magic.  I don’t shoot film any more (tempted to find myself a film camera again), but I love my Canon digital SLR as much as I loved that old Kodak…

The camera that started it all…

I’m curious to hear from you.  Was there something from your own childhood that was as magical to you as this camera was for me?  Tell me about it below.  I’d love to know what set off your own passion!

Until next time,