The B-Tribe ~ Miss C

You get lucky, on occasion, meeting someone that inspires & entertains you.

Someone that you just can’t get enough of because they are that amazing.  Like Miss C.  Holy cow.  This kid is GOING places and I can’t wait to see how far she goes.  (Psssssst, Broadway, watch out for this one!!!)

A smidge about this future Broadway star:

  • no, seriously, she wants to be on Broadway…
  • would rather be smart than popular
  • her friends make her happy whenever she’s down
  • America Singer, a character from The Selection series, is her fave character because (and I love this) she’s BRAVE, strong-minded, and she’d do anything for her family

Miss C tells me that the GREATEST thing about her is “my happy energy I bring with me.”  Indeed, C, indeed.  You were positively radiant and joyful when we were together!

Random things you need to know about her:

Miss C is Team Clumsy Ninja (because she says she’s already clumsy).  She would use Doctor Strange’s powers of freezing time to fight a dragon, which, fyi, would be her choice of superhero powers.  Favorite vacation spot is the beach (my kind o’ girl!)  Oh, and finally, she’d love to learn a standing back tuck.  Whew!

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