The B-Tribe ~ Miss F

I started the B-Tribe because I wanted tweens to realize that it is A-Ok to be themselves.  Even more than that, it’s positively BRILLIANT to own who you are & not be afraid of what others might say.  Enter Miss F…

This girl.  I am SO freaking excited that she’s one of my very first B-Tribe members.  Smart, beautiful, funny – and watch out for her fast pitch.  Like one of her shirts states: “There’s nothing soft about this girl.”

A smidge about her:

  • dreams of being a scientist
  • would rather be smart than popular
  • is crazy proud of her family
  • loves softball (obviously), the flute & violin

My favorite answer from the questionnaire I sent?  That the GREATEST thing about her is her “talent to achieve whatever I try.”


*mic drop*

And THAT is what being part of the B-Tribe is all about….

Random things you need to know about her:

Miss F is Team Clumsy Ninja (vs amnesiac wizard).  She’d rather fight a dragon than a giant octopus (umm…  dragons breathe FIRE, yikes!)  If given the choice of superhero powers, she’d choose speed (picturing her dressed up as the Flash now…)  Last but not least, she’d rather freeze time over being able to fly.  (Myself, I’m pretty torn…  though time…  We could all be like Doctor Strange!)

Interested in being a part of the B-Tribe?

Parents – click here to read up on what the B-Tribe is all about.  Kids – read my letter here.  Neither are long (who has the time??) so check it out.  After you read that and pop over to the Investment page to find out about sessions, click on the Contact button up top to get in touch with me.

Book a session and have an amazing experience!  Result?  Gorgeous prints for the parents and the building of self-confidence for your tween.  Win-Win!