The B-Tribe ~ Miss L

“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul”
~ John Muir


Miss L, I’d gladly trek through a forest with you any day.  Inquisitive, fearless, you have the soul of an explorer.  I loved how it was so easy for you to just BE in the forest, enjoying the quiet (and not so quiet) moments given to you.

Our daring adventurer loves a few things:

  • She loves running & swimming
  • Popular over smart?  No way – she’ll take brains, thank you.
  • She’s proudest of her running accomplishments and academic achievements
  • The adventurer at heart that she is, her biggest dream is to live a full life

My favorite answer from her questionnaire?  The GREATEST thing about her is that she is accepting of all & kind.  Quite true, young lady – extremely accepting with a gentle smile and kind eyes.  That, girl, is a gift – be proud of it!

Random things you need to know about her:

If Miss L were invisible for a day, watch out – she would tickle people!  Her mom can easily make her happy when she’s sad.  She’d rather fight a giant octopus than a fire breathing dragon (smart choice, just watch out for the ink!)  Lastly, if she could go anywhere for vacation, she’d love to go to Hawaii.  (Take me with you, L!!!)


Interested in being a part of the B-Tribe?

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