Friends We Love

The companies below are fanfreakingtastic.  Check them out & tell them I sent you!

Jen’s Hair Creations

When you need hair or makeup, you call Jen Terrell.  Simply put, she is fab at what she does & has a heart of gold.  Check out the gorgeous hair & makeup that she did for our 14 year old’s 8th grade dinner dance!

Hair & makeup by Jen Terrell


Matilda Jane Clothing

Give Cheryl Kroungold a ring when your little chica (or YOU, for that matter) needs new clothes.  She’s a trunk keeper for Matilda Jane Clothing.  Moms, these clothes are AMAZING.  Extremely versatile and great quality.  You get a LOT of bang for your buck – buy a dress and when your little outgrows it?  BOOM!  She has a new top!  What?!?  True story!!  I love my MJ tops and can’t wait to pick up some new pieces.  Even my girls (14 and 16) are loving the clothes!

Photo credit: Matilda Jane Clothing




Kathryn is a lovely woman I know through an online creative collective.  She has a fabulous business on Etsy, offering her gorgeous handcrafted Bohemian decor inspired by nature.  Don’t be surprised to see some of her pieces in a stylized session in the future.  Have a peek at her shop and then give her Facebook page a little love.

Photo courtesy of DayCrafter


Pine Hill Events

Jean Kintisch is definitely the one to talk to if you are throwing a big party or special event.  She has a special talent for turning the spark of an idea into one heck of an AMAZING party.  I’ve witnessed one of her events first hand (in the role of photographer, naturally.)   Visit her website for more information and don’t forget to follow her on Pinterest & Facebook.